Types of Information Collected:

  • We collect various types of information in order to improve services for our users.
  • We require basic information like User Name, Email, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Country etc.
  • For 1POINT account users, we generate API Key for authentication to use Digital55 templates.

How collected information is used:

  • The collected information is used to create 1POINT account and to automatically generate API key for GMAIL plugin
  • The information collected is used to maintain and improve the service. For example, allowing user to save settings, or modifying aspects of the service based on anonymous usage statistics.
  • We will ask you for your permission before your information is used for any purpose not covered in the Privacy Policy.
  • Information about support issues may be anonymously used as examples or to provide better support in the help center or FAQ.
  • We will ask user for permission before information is used for any purpose not covered in the Privacy Policy.

Information that may be shared:

  • The only information may be shared is only user email address because user will send emails using templates to clients.
  • Digital55 doesn’t share user information with advertisers, affiliates or partners. We do not monetize our customer traffic in any way.

About Application Policy:

  • Our Privacy Policy applies to all of the services offered by Digital55.
  • Our Privacy Policy does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals.
  • We do not transmit or store any part of your personal data other than email.

About using information in Application:

  • After registered in 1POINT, user can login into GMAIL account by using registered GMAIL id.
  • If user is registered then user can see multiple templates while compose new email.
  • By just installing that plugin will not give user to access templates in user GMAIL account.
  • Only API authenticated users can have the right permissions to access templates.
  • After successfully Login via valid 1point client credentials at Gmail Plugin page, it will redirect user to Gmail in a new page. Enter Email address and Password which is provided and click Sign in.
  • The template dropdown will be available at bottom of the new message window. User can now select templates which is only available from the dropdown.

Privacy Policy Changes:

  • Our Privacy Policy may change periodically. Any changes will be posted on this page.