API Guide

Welcome To 1POINTMAIL API Guide

API Introduction

API allows a new level of functionality to be added to your email marketing solution. The API, Application Programming Interface, works like a bridge between your existing database and API. This allows for recipient data to be transferred from one to anoth easily and quickly, with no manual imports or exports.

What Is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface into an application that allows other applications to make programmatic requests. An API allows a user to access an application's objects and processes without using the application interface. This gives the user the power to connect or integrate multiple programs together to create a more customized and powerful solution.

Why Use the API?

Customers use the API to integrate their marketing, analytics, and other business software with the 1POINTMAIL to create a more powerful and customized business solution. For example, marketers integrate 1POINTMAIL with their CRM software to create a single point-of-access for their marketing efforts. They can send 1POINTMAIL emails to their CRM contacts from within their CRM program because the 1POINTMAIL API allows the code in the CRM system to perform the operation of sending an email. Customers can also use the API to automate some procedures. A client creates code in their website to identify when an event occurs that should trigger an email and then uses the 1POINTMAIL API calls to send the appropriate email.

Technical Documentation

The below documentation is designed to be a guide to the API and not a document to copy code from to implement any of these methods.

To Get API URL contact 1Point Support at support@1pointinteractive.com