Get Activity Report Via Date Range

Implementation Notes

Gets Activity report information.

Response Class (Status 200)

    TransactionalActivityWithOutTracking(ActivityReportWithOutTracking, optional),
    ActivityReport(Array[AggregateReportModel], optional),
ActivityReportWithOutTracking {
    MailingsSent(integer, optional),
    ContactsTargeted(integer, optional),
    CampaignId(integer, optional),
    CampaignName(string, optional),
    ScheduledDatetime(string, optional),
    Status(string, optional),
    CreatedDate(string, optional),
    TotalRecipients(integer, optional),
    DeliveredCount(integer, optional),
    BounceCount(integer, optional),
    CompletionTime(string, optional),
    UniqueOpenCount(integer, optional),
    TotalOpenCount(integer, optional),
    UnsubscribeCount(integer, optional),
    UniqueClicks(integer, optional),
    TotalClicks(integer, optional),
  "TransactionalActivityWithOutTracking": {
    "MailingsSent": 0,
    "ContactsTargeted": 0
  "ActivityReport": [
      "CampaignId": 0,
      "CampaignName": "string",
      "ScheduledDatetime": "string",
      "Status": "string",
      "CreatedDate": "string",
      "TotalRecipients": 0,
      "DeliveredCount": 0,
      "BounceCount": 0,
      "CompletionTime": "string",
      "UniqueOpenCount": 0,
      "TotalOpenCount": 0,
      "UnsubscribeCount": 0,
      "UniqueClicks": 0,
      "TotalClicks": 0


Parameter Value Description Parameter Type Data Type
ApiKey The Value of the API Key Path String
StartDate Value of the StartDate and Date format should be (MM-DD-YYYY). Path String
EndDate Value of the EndDate and Date format should be (MM-DD-YYYY). Path String

Response Messages

HTTP Status Code Reason Response Model Headers
403 Access Denied    
404 Not Found